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The Metal Print Collection

The Metal Print Collection. Click on the image for the purchase and information page. Metal Prints are a new and interesting variation on viewing Rock Photography. Photos are infused and baked on to an aluminum base with a backing plate for wall hanging. We use matt finish for Black and White photos and the quality is outstanding, equalling the best lab prints in tone and sharpness. The image surface is far more durable than canvas and can be easily cleaned, aluminum being a soft metal needs some care not to drop to avoid bending. Shipping is included direct from this site. Some Metal Prints are also be available from Jo London in Carefree, Arizona. Metal Prints are ready to hang so do not require framing.

Bruce Springsteen Metal Print    
Beatles Metal Print    
Beatles Magical Mystery Tour
Beatles 1963
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Jimi Hendrix Metal Print    
Jimi Hendrix beer
Bob Marley
Led Zeppelin
Beatles Metal Print    
Rock The Big Picture